This is how to hold a newborn baby

Having a baby is a happy thing. But for new parents, there are some things that are often confusing, for example how to hold a newborn baby. Learn various ways to hold a newborn baby so the baby feels comfortable. Carrying a newborn baby must be done carefully. This is because the baby's body is still fragile. Various variations of how to hold a newborn baby provide the opportunity for mothers and fathers to make skin contact (skin to skin contact) with babies, or to make babies burp. Tying Ties with Babies Carrying a baby can be one way to strengthen the bond between parents and babies. When carrying a newborn baby, it is important to always support his head and neck. This is because a new baby's neck is quite strong at 1-2 months of age, where he has begun to be able to lift his head while on his stomach. There are several ways to hold a newborn baby, namely: Pet This is the most common way to hold a newborn baby. First, take a baby who is lying down and place on
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